Alternatives to Google

There are two major corporations that make their money off their users by selling advertising. One is Facebook and the other is Google.

In Facebook, it is relatively easy to keep your profile free from personal information especially if you use an email address set up solely to capture junk email.

Google has many products to use that if you are signed in to them when you use them, they are capturing everything about you. Your tastes in politics, movies, books etc. That is why their advertising is so effective. As soon as you search for something, the websites you visit subsequently will feature ads aimed at you.

You may like that but of you prefer to remain anonymous, there are alternatives available.

Search Engines: DuckDuck Go is free and effective and does not track you. If you make it your default search engine, you are keeping your privacy in whatever browser you use. Personally I use Ecosia which is similar and trees get planted for every search made.

Browser: Brave is an excellent browser which I have been using for a while. Also Safari is very good and blocks ads and tracking.

Mail: Gmail is everywhere but Google scans all your emails for words that they pickup that they can then advertise to you for. ProtonMail is Swiss and protected by strict privacy laws. If you use ProtonMail to another ProtonMail user the email is fully encrypted. Emails to non-ProtonMail users can be secured by a password. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of ProtonMail users so most of your emails would need to have a password to keep them private. Alternatively, instead of email use chat.
FaceTime is good between Apple users. Signal or Telegram are good and safe.

Maps: Google maps tracks you. Apple Maps do not. Also OSM (Open Street Maps) don’t track you. Microsoft Bing Maps can use Ordnance Survey maps by clicking the Road box at the top right.

YouTube: This one is much harder to do without. It is ubiquitous. There is Vimeo.

Google Drive: There is OneDrive from Microsoft and iCloud from Apple.

Google Calendar: There is ProtonCalendar or Microsoft Calendar.

Personally, I’m a Apple Man and feel very comfortable using Ecosia search with Safari and Brave, Apple Maps, Calendar and Apple Mail. Apple sells hardware and their business model does not include going after your data.

I have friends that use Windows and Outlook and I feel sorry with what they have to deal with.

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