Advise and Consent

The United States Constitution gives the Senate the responsibility to Advise and Consent to many Presidential appointments including all Cabinet members.

The Democrats will now control the Senate and so Biden’s selections should have less problems getting approval than if Mitch McConnell was still Majority Leader instead of Chuck Schumer of New York, the new Majority Leader.

However, there are at least two senators who are both lawyers who do not deserve any respect and in my opinion should be thrown out of the Senate. Their callous support for Trump, even now, is so they can inherit Trump’s following at the next Presidential Election in 2024. In other words, personal ambition over the best interests of the country and a continuation of the divisive form of politics.

Perhaps the worst of these two senators is Ted Cruz of Texas who is the closest thing to Joe McCarthy we have today. McCarthy was chairman of the House Un-American Activities Committee who in the 1950’s accused many people of being Communists in a witch hunt. Cruz is cut in the same cloth and has made it clear his Presidential ambitions. This must be stopped to prevent a reoccurrence of Trumpism.

The second Senator, although similar to Cruz in ambition, is a newer senator since 2019 named Josh Hawley of Missouri. A lawyer, he challenged the legitimate election of Biden for the purposes of the meeting the mantle of continuing a form of Trumpism in 2024.

Both of these Senators acted even after the U.S. Supreme Court indicated that the election was fair and lawful.

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