Maybe there is hope

I write this barely a week into 2021 – a year that will be a slight improvement over 2020 but then what wouldn’t be.

The good news is
1. The U.K. has a sort of a trade deal with the E.U. preventing a much worse outcome of no trade deal at all.
2. There are three new vaccines to combat COVID-19 so maybe we can defeat the nasty pestilence in 2021.
3. The U.S. Senate looks like it will be under the control of the Democrats as the two runoffs in Georgia have gone to the Democrats giving that party and the Republican Party 50 seats each with the breaking vote going to Vice President Kamala Harris.

It remains to be seen how the U.K. will deal with being outside the E.U. but with such an inept Government I don’t see much of a golden sunrise on this issue.

One of the three vaccines approved is British and what distinguishes it is that it is being sold at cost and not for huge profit as the two American vaccines are. Also, logistically, the Oxford-Astra Zeneca vaccine can be stored in a regular refrigerator which is a huge benefit as the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has to stored at -70 degrees C which creates its own issues. Let’s be positive though and hope we shall all be able to return to a normal existence soon. I think “normal” will change through as I expect masks will be here to stay the way they are in Japan where anyone with an infection of sorts will wear a mask as routine. I would expect working from home will become far more common too as commuting charges, particularly on trains, are exorbitant in the U.K. compared to other European countries.

The U.S. Senate has been under the control of the Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky for some time now and he is almost single handedly responsible for the gridlock in the U.S. He has managed to bring the party of Lincoln into total meltdown by going along with everything that has come about with the Trump Administration. His departure as Majority Leader will allow for more legislation to see the light of day. Among the various blocks McConnell has been responsible for are the advise and consent of the Senate to Obama’s Supreme Nomination of Merrick Garland made 293 days before Obama left office. In comparison, he showed his hypocrisy by rushing the approval of Amy Coney Barrett was completed just a month before the General Election of 2020. McConnell would not consider gun control as he takes money from the National Rifle Association, even after the slaughter of 26 people, 20 of whom were children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 14 December 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut. He denies Climate Change too and has given the thumbs up to the U.S. leaving the Paris Accord, the W.H.O. and breaking a treaty with Iran on nuclear matters. Also he has supported splitting young children of immigrants from their parents.

Thus three reasons to be more positive in 2021.

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