Season’s Greetings

Today is December 23rd – just 9 days until the U.K.’s four year old Suicide pact turns into reality.

According to polls if the Referendum of 2016 was held today, Remain would win by a large margin. People are realising that we shall be worse off. Some people may not have realised this in 2016 because we have some terrible rags that pass for newspapers in the U.K. owned in large part by ex-pat billionaires that editorialise their selfish desires as facts when they are in fact lies.

Coupled with that we have a Government which is totally incompetent led by a lying charlatan who has no convictions at all and by a party with few who will stand up to him. Party first, country second. This will be all too familiar to Americans where its is Trump and the Republican Party first and the Country and the Constitution second.

Both our countries are the worst for dealing with Covid and it is not hard to figure out why.

If there was a gram of sense in the U.K. Government, the fact that we are an island that relies on importing food and drugs from Europe, it does not take too much imagination to have planned on testing haulage drivers for Covid before hand so that the huge queues forming in Kent could have been avoided. Instead the Government changes its mind on almost a daily basis and it has a lot to answer for. One of our motorways has become a lorry (truck) park queuing up to get ferry or train to France.

Already supermarkets are restricting the number of certain items that one can purchase.

At the moment there is no trade deal between the U.K. and the E.U. It might still be possible before 11pm (GMT) December 31, 12.00am (CET) January 1, to get trade deal – time will tell. Regardless, freedom of movement will end and so will cooperation between law enforcement in the U.K. and the E.U. Travelling to Europe will become more difficult – happily not for me as I am an Irish/European citizen.

So 2020 is year I want to forget, but will 2021 be any better in these islands?

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