Life at age 75

On December 12 I had my 75th birthday.  I feel very strange to be that age as I still feel like I am much younger.

Maybe it is a time to reflect on the world around us.

Traditional values – by which I mean Judaeo-Christian values – have changed beyond all recognition. This is in part because people have moved away from religion and have adapted an intolerant version of a teaching without any value system.

In the U.K. we are led by a man who has no fixed values other than what makes him personally happy. He is liar who embraces both sides of an argument depending on how it may benefit himself. Before the E.U. Referendum he talked about how bad a No-Deal Brexit would be for the country and yet now he is leading the country to exactly that. He has appointed the most incompetent Cabinet ever and ignores Ministerial Standards which provide a value system to the public that anything goes. This and the appointments of chums to sinecures for which they are totally unsuited.

In the U.S. the people have rejected another four years of Trumpism but it still is there in all its horror. The past four years we have seen disaster after disaster. Denial of Climate Change. Withdrawal from Treaties. Ignoring the pandemic to the having the most deaths and infections of any country. Lying has been accepted by some as truth. The man is a con-man, sociopath, liar, a man of no value system other than money. To make this all worse the Republican Party has supported him and proceeds to attempt to undo a legal election. The Texas Attorney General filed a suit supported by many other States’ Attorneys General and over 100 Republican Congressmen – a suit that clearly had no standing and which the Supreme Court turned down. Republicans now ignore the U.S. Constitution. There is even talk of succession coming out of Texas. 

Politics in both the U.K. and the U.S. have become so poisonous that the two sides can barely talk with each other. It is Party above Country. Rich against Poor. 

Both countries have the worst record on handling the pandemic. Coincidence? I think not.

I am so exasperated by the nihilism of politics in the English speaking world – excluding New Zealand. 

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