US Presidential Election

After 4 years of lies, corruption, denial of climate change, tax non payment and many other calumnies, 72 million Americans still voted for Trump to nearly 78 million for Biden. I find this extraordinary that almost half the U.S. population still support a man who has shown absolute disregard for the Constitution. It is quite alarming and it makes you wonder if the U.S. can survive as a democracy without another civil war.

Another issue is with the people of Kentucky. They have reelected Mitch McConnell who has supported Trump and made the Republican Party, the old party of Lincoln, the party of Trump. It is example of putting party before country and demagoguery before rationality. Same for South Carolina reelecting Lindsey Graham for the same reason.

It is fascinating to note that P.M. Johnson in the U.K. who clearly supported Trump on whom he models himself is now experiencing some important changes at 10 Downing Street. Two advisors to Johnson who are prominent Leavers, are departing number 10 – Lee Cain, Director of Communications and Dominic Cummings, Senior Advisor. One wonders if this is anything to do with the election of Biden and the changes that will occur in relation to Brexit and in particular Northern Ireland.

One thought on “US Presidential Election

  1. I hope you’re speculation is right Christo .. Boris needs to court Biden so his presidency may have far reaching benefits hopefully .
    I also hope to hear nothing more of Nigel Farage but sadly I think he will emerge again .


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