A mystery wrapped in an enigma

One of the biggest things I cannot understand is how Evangelical Christians in the U.S. can support such an un-Christian person as Donald Trump. He preaches hate against blacks, LGBTQ people, Mexicans, other Latinos, people who support Democrat politicians etc.

Trump has no empathy, is woefully uneducated and has divided American society more than any individual before. His admiration for Putin, Kim Jong Un and other despots shows how perverted he is. His disregard for the United States Constitution knows no bounds.

In the U.K. the Cabinet of Johnson is woefully ridiculous. His personal advisor, Dominic Cummings, spent three years in Russia so one could well ask if he is working for Putin and doing his bidding. Cummings is seen as the real Head of Government as Johnson only is interested in those who support him rather than the best people for jobs. An example is Dido Harding who was Chief Executive of an ISP that had its user’s data stolen; then was made in charge of Track and Trace on he Covid-19 pandemic and failed completely. As a reward for these two huge failures, she was appointed as Interim Chair of the new National Health for Health Protection despite having never worked in Health before. Johnson loves incompetents as when he tried to get ex-Cabinet member, Chris Grayling appointed to the Chair of the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee to prevent the Report on Russian Interference in the Brexit Referendum. He failed to get that appointment when a Tory MP voted with Labour members to decline the appointment. He served as Transport Secretary, Justice Secretary and Leader of the House and was a disaster in all these positions which is generally accepted by all. As long as they support Johnson they get appointed and one wonders if Cummings suggests these incompetents to ruin the U.K. to the benefit of Russia.

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