My Philippine Odyssey – 3

One of the most irritating things I have found in the Philippines are the telephone systems. There are two main mobile companies – SMART and Globe.

If you have to call a company to speak to customer service they frequently have two numbers – one for SMART customers and one for Globe customers. There is no integration of the mobile companies like there is in other countries. This week we had reason to call a company and the line was so bad that we could not hear what the person was saying. Eventually we got through and cleared up the problem.

Another irritant is that Lazada – the S.E. Asian version of Amazon – lists things on their website which may not be available. So one pays for the item and then is told it is unavailable and they process a refund which may take up to 45 days to come through thus tying up your funds. Lazada clearly do not have an inventory control system.

The mobile companies sell “loads” in amounts of currency so you buy as an example 200 Pesos or 500 Pesos and that can mean that you get cutoff in mid-call as there is no monthly subscription or warning that you are running low.

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