Password Managers

Do you have the same password for everything? That is dangerous as once it is broken in one place, it opens you up to being broken everywhere.

Password Managers are ideal for having different passwords for all websites and you don’t have to remember any of them. You only have to remember a single password for Password Manager.

Three of these Password Managers are LastPass, 1Password and Dashlane.

I used to use 1Password which was very good but now I use LastPass. LastPass is available for free.

What I like about LastPass is that your passwords are all stored in the Cloud and are available on all your devices. On a Mac it includes a LastPass icon on the Menu Bar which allows you to set a complex password.

Since all passwords are complex there is no way you would be able to remember them. When you visit a website, Last Pass knows where you are and can fill in the user ID and password for you. You can do this on your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

You should never use words that appear in a dictionary for a password as software can quickly break these passwords LastPass and the others generate passwords with numbers, upper and lower case letters and symbols like @ or ^ or & or * or #.

I encourage you to get a Password Manager and I recommend LastPass.

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