My Philippine Odyssey -2

Today, June 24, I was able to leave the home where I’m staying for the first time in months as I had to go to the Bureau of Immigration to extend my visa as the Pandemic has prevented me from leaving. My original visa ended April 13 so I had to renew for four months which cost me over P10,000 (£160 or $200) – a cost I had not anticipated.

The process was complicated as there is still a partial lockdown so the staff handling visas was a skeleton crew. I was told to arrive at 10am and hand in the passport and paper work. We were told to come back at 12 noon when we paid the fees. They told us to then come back at 2pm to pick up our passports. Quite an ordeal but my visa is now until August 13. My flight is August 3rd so I hope it occurs as otherwise I shall have to extend the visa again.

We ate in a Wendy’s and before we entered we had our temperature taken and we had to fill in a form with our name, address, phone number and answer health questions. Very thorough and I wonder if other countries are doing as much.

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