China, Russia and the United States

These three huge countries have enormous influence on the world – sorry Canada but you don’t.

If you read the reports from Human Right’s Watch on these three countries, already posted, you may come away wondering which country comes off the worst.

In the West, we are always led to believe that the United States is better than China and Russia. The U.S. Constitution does protect human rights to some extent as does the judicial system. Personal human rights are non existent in China or Russia.

The Han Chinese do persecute minorities which cannot be denied. However, in the United States, blacks have been persecuted for ages.

The Chinese have managed to change from an agrarian society to an urban society thereby raising millions of people out of poverty. Surely that is a good thing.

The Americans have the wealth in the hands of a few billionaires and equality is hardly practiced.

The Chinese infrastructure built high speed rail across the country in just 10 years. The U.S. infrastructure is almost ignored and there is no high speed rail to talk of. High speed rail is environmentally sound and would replace aeroplanes on shorter trips.

The United States has a citizenry that is armed with all sorts of weapons. Can we expect a new Civil War to break out one day? It has a health system that prevents lots of people to have no coverage.

The present British Government is enamoured of the present U.S. Administration and sucks up to it as much as possible so that standards will no longer exist in the U.K. for food and other important things. This is an abdication of protection of its citizens which borders on criminality.

The question I pose is how much control of citizens is necessary and can too much lead to complete breakdown of society. Is this about to occur in America?

Let’s be clear, none of these countries are ideal, but which is the worst. To me Russia is because it is a kleptocracy controlled by criminals. China does more for its people than the other two countries despite restricting the people.

Comments welcomed.

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