Black Lives Matter – and Kids?

The death of George Floyd by police cruelty is outrageous in what purports to be a civilised country. People are angry.

What I wonder though is why were the people not equally angry when 26 people, 20 of whom were aged between six and seven, were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in 2012.

Some Americans feel that the right to keep arsenals is sacred. That belief is shared by Mitch McConnell, Republican Senate Majority Leader who, along with the other Republican Senators, refuse to outlaw certain weapons. Of course they accept huge amounts of money from the National Rifle Association and are corrupted by it.

This type of behaviour has resulted in some police feeling they can get away with murder because priorities are so perverted. Guns before lives. Plainly, many U.S. police officers are racist, but so is the President.

Until people reject this Republican philosophy at the ballot box, the United States will continue its fall like the Roman Empire and good riddance to it.

Trump has destroyed any feelings of respect the country ever had from people abroad. McConnell is guilty as well.

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