Major announcements

Apple will be holding its World Wide Development Conference (WWDC) the week of June 22 but this year it will be a virtual conference (i.e. streamed) due to the pandemic.

It always starts with a keynote address where things are announced. This is at 10.00 PDT, 13.00 EDT, 18.00 BST, 19.00 CEDT and will be streamed.

This year the big news is that Apple plans on moving away from Intel chips in the MACs to ARM chips. ARM is the architecture used in iPhones and iPads which use Apple’s own chips. See here:

In the past, Apple used Motorola chips and then moved to PowerPC chips and then onto Intel. Intel has had a few problems releasing their latest chips quickly enough so Apple would control the whole process of building MACs and not be beholden to Intel. When this transition occurs may be announced.

New products are likely to be announced as well at WWDC.

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