What a mess….

Two English speaking countries are in a mess and for similar reasons. I speak of the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The government of the U.K. has always acted subserviently towards the U.S. Government and this remains the case. The premiership of Boris Jackson feeds into that scenario in spades. Rather than have trade deals with the largest trade block in the world – the European Union – they would rather have a trade deal with the United States. Whereas the E.U. have standards on many things like food and hardware the U.S. have no such standards.

If the U.K. does a trade deal with the U.S. one can expect U.S. food to be imported so that hormone fed beef and chlorinated chicken may be on offer. The effects on the NHS could be dramatic as private healthcare insurers want into the U.K. market.

The incompetence of Johnson and his Cabinet is a travesty. They are hell bent of divorcing totally from the European Union as they hate being part of a united group of countries. Gone would be the European Arrest Warrant which makes arresting criminals easier; gone will be the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which gives E.U. citizens the ability to get health care when not a home. Travel and queues at airports will become more problematic.

Many medicines are produced in the E.U. and need to be imported into the U.K. – if there are delays at Customs, the medicines could become useless. People could die. If the meds come from the U.S. one can expect to pay a lot for them as I don’t think the NHS would have the money to pay those prices.

In point of fact, the benefits of leaving the E.U. are neglible whereas the benefits are huge.

During the referendum, people thought that by voting Leave, they would get to control immigration and by voting this way they could give a black eye to the Prime Minister, David Cameron and the Chancellor, George Osborne making themselves happy in the process.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost. The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, a second generation immigrant herself, has raised the income level for new immigrants that disallow the hiring of valuable health workers from E.U. countries and those that want to work on farms. The NHS has already lost thousands of nurses and doctors so where are we going to get their replacements.

Johnson himself is almost a clone of Donald Trump. He is a congenital liar, an opportunist, a sociopath and all together a very unpleasnt person with no regard for anyone other than himself.

This leads me to Donald Trump. He has all the same traits to Johnson without the charisma of Johnson. He is a racist, a demagogue, a narcissit, an illierate, person who only cares for himself. He has broken his Constitional oath many times but he gets away with it because the U.S. Senate is ruled by its Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, who wants to hold onto power at all costs for his Republican Party which is beholden to the NRA (National Riffle Association) who fund the campaigns of many of them. The NRA backs people like you and me being able to have assault weapons if you please.

The U.S. Constitution is held up as a marvellous document but it has failings which don’t get the attention they require. The second amendments has been intepreted by the U.S. Supreme Court to mean people can carry all sort of weapons. The U.S. Supreme Court has also ruled that Corporations can make donations to political candidates thus giving power to those with money. Where the U.S. Constitution gives the President the power to appoint judges, they are simply political appointees. This right should not belong to the President. The three legs of the U.S. Constitution have become two legs – The Executive/Judicary on one end the Legislature (House and Senate) on the other.

Is it any wonder that with these two clowns in charge that the U.K. and the U.S, have experienced the most deaths from Covid-19 as they are led by imbeciles.

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