Facebook – good or bad?

Like so many people, I am on Facebook and I can communicate with friends on it. Typically, we use Facebook Messenger to send texts to each other.

However, I am very uncomfortable using Facebook, Instagram, What’s App and Facebook Messenger because they are all controlled by Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

Zuckerberg was at the helm during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election and during the E.U Referendum in 2016 also. Cambridge Analytica were involved in using FB data to manipulate voters by spurious means.

Even today, Zuckerberg refuses to take issue with the lies and racist pronouncements by one Donald J Trump.

2020 is a Presidential Election Year in the U.S. and do you feel comfortable reading posts by Russians et alii boosting the fascism of Trump at the expense of his opponents?

I do not feel comfortable and yet if I leave Facebook on my own, I do not have contacts with many friends who use the platform.

What to do?

Edward Snowden, a man who knows a lot about security, recommends an app called Signal for text messages. It is encrypted and not owned by Zuckerberg. I have tried to get people to join Signal – it is free – but old habits die hard.

So, for now, I remain on Facebook with a bad taste in my mouth.

One thought on “Facebook – good or bad?

  1. I’m just mindful of what I say on there, and like you do, just use messenger mainly. I also don’t show my own face on there.


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